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What Is Tongue-tie and How Can It Affect Your Child's Life?

Tongue-tie is a common condition that can cause various problems for infants and children. These may range from breastfeeding difficulties to speech and dental issues. Examining tongue-tie's causes, treatment, and effects on your little one's life can help you identify and address this issue for your child's well-being.

Does My Child Need Dental Treatment Under Sedation?

Treating dental disease, pain and infections in children is crucial at every stage of their development. Sometimes, this may require the use of general anesthesia or sedation to get the necessary treatment done. There are several reasons that sedation may be necessary.

6 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Dental Surgery

Children's dental habits determine their dental health. Hence, teaching your kids good oral hygiene when they are young is essential. It will help them grow up with a healthy smile. If you neglect or fail to protect your child's smile, they may require dental surgery to treat specific problems. To avoid such a scenario, you must schedule regular pediatric dental exams at Hapy Bear Surgery Center and help your child develop a healthy oral hygiene routine.

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