6 Ways to Prepare Your Child for Dental Surgery

Children's dental habits determine their dental health. Hence, teaching your kids good oral hygiene when they are young is essential. It will help them grow up with a healthy smile. If you neglect or fail to protect your child's smile, they may require dental surgery to treat specific problems. To avoid such a scenario, you must schedule regular pediatric dental exams at Hapy Bear Surgery Center and help your child develop a healthy oral hygiene routine.


Top Reasons Why Children May Require Dental Surgery

The leading causes of children's dental surgery are:


  • Tooth decay

  • Infection

  • Tooth trauma


How to Prepare Your Child

If your child needs specialized dental surgery, you do not want to leave anything up to chance. By taking the following steps, your little one can have a successful, pain-free, and comfortable experience. Here are six ways to prepare your child.


Stay Positive About the Procedure

Children tend to feed off their parents' moods. So, one of the best things you can do if your child needs to undergo a dental procedure is to stay positive. Most adults share their fears and negative stories regarding dental and other medical procedures. That is the last thing you want to do when it is time for your child to have oral surgery.

Instead, hide any negative thoughts about your past experiences. Parents should talk to their kids about the positive dental experiences and the benefits that their children will experience following the procedure.


Get Crafty

Another excellent way to normalize an upcoming surgical procedure is to create fun activities around the process. For example, have your little one play the role of the dentist. That will help them experience it in a playful and fun way. You could also get some Play-Doh and work with your child to create teeth that need fillings. You can then take turns clearing the cavity and filling the tooth.

Kids learn through play, so you should expect tons of questions throughout the process. Thus, it is best to know more about the procedure. Keep your answers light and establish positive feelings about the treatment.


Watch Videos About Positive Experiences With Pediatric Dental Surgery

Kids love to watch videos and read books. Is your child exhibiting some nervousness about an impending dental procedure? If so, consider reading them child-friendly books or encouraging them to watch positive videos about the treatment.


Use Positive Reinforcement

Offer positive reinforcement by praising your kids and encouraging them to be brave. For example, make the surgery day special with your child, complete with a trip to the park or a meal at a favorite restaurant. You can also promise your child a particular toy if they demonstrate good behavior at the dentist.


Make Your Child As Comfortable As Possible

Dental surgery may frighten you and your child. To help kids feel as comfortable as possible, dentist recommend the following tips:


  • Let them wear what they want

  • Use words of encouragement to boost their confidence

  • Let them bring a toy or item they love, such as a favorite blanket or a stuffed animal

  • Cancel school, which will likely excite them


Be Open and Honest

Studies show that kids are more likely to feel at ease when they understand the procedure, why they need it, and how they will feel afterward. Your first instinct will be to try and protect your little one by avoiding discussing the operation. However, that strategy is not practical. It is best to discuss the aspects of the procedure openly.

Kids can have a wide range of reactions to the dentist, from curiosity to fear. Preparing your little one for dental surgery can help reduce anxiety and fear to create a better experience for everyone.

For more on pediatric dental surgery, visit Hapy Bear Surgery Center at our Tulare, California office. Call (559) 732-4279 to schedule an appointment today.

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